Winter Professional Scouts Evaluation


Jan. 11th-12th 2020 


The Baseball Fields at Brooks Run


A Pro Style Workout Camp with a minimum of 7-10 MLB Professional Scouts


Instruction – Evaluations – Written feedback by some of the area’s most respected scouts


8th Grade – 12th Grade

The perfect camp for those who have never experienced a pro style workout – The perfect camp for those seeking a baseline evaluation of their current skill sets relevant to higher levels of baseball – Perfect for those seeking professional instruction – Perfect for those interested in showcasing in front of professional scouts – Perfect for those who are older, seeking a professional evaluation.


Position Players  -           

  • Will participate in a professional style workout and evaluation at their primary and secondary positions (if desired).  
  • Will participate in on the field batting practice and evaluation.  
  • Will participate in a running/conditioning test (home to 1st – 60yd dash).  
  • Will receive primary position instruction.  
  • Will receive individual time and instruction regarding hitting during group and cage time.  
  • Will participate in a simulated coach/machine pitch game to allow for further evaluations and instruction.  
  • Will receive a written workout summary and evaluation at the completion of camp.  

*Position players who pitch will not participate in pitching drills – depending on camp numbers, the opportunity for a video evaluation might be available for position players who want to pitch (additional cost) 


Pitchers Only      -           

  • Emphasis will be on Professional Scout video evaluation and review of delivery.  
  • Due to the time of year and pitchers not expected to be in game shape, radar readings will not be taken.  
  • Pitchers will be videoed in the bullpen, instructed and then given both their video and written feedback.  
  • A defensive PFP session will be held along with a breakout session regarding pitches, arm care, counts and setting up batters, followed by a 
  • Q and A where parents are welcome to be a part of.  
  • Pitchers will not participate in day 2 of the camp. 

*Pitchers can pay the full $295 and participate in Day 2 activities, which will include BP on the field and in the cage, Pregame infield/outfield and a simulated game. 

Needed:  Cleats – Turfs (Pitchers must wear turfs in the bullpen! (No Exceptions) – Baseball Glove – Baseball Bat (wood or aluminum) – Baseball Hat – Helmet (some will be provided) – Catchers need their gear – water bottle (water and cups will be provided) – Anything else necessary baseball related.

Lunch:  Lunch will not be provided – athletes will be dismissed and return in groups depending on batting practice and game simulation.

Day 1:  Day 1 will consist of a welcome, warm-up, running instruction and times taken, throwing, position skill evaluation, position skill instruction, on the field batting practice, exit velocity readings, cage work and instruction.  Small group time offensive and defensive and coach/machine pitch game simulation. 

Day 2:  Day will consist of on the field batting practice, infield, outfield and a game simulation.  Camp should conclude around noon.  A question and answer session regarding scouting, evaluating and recruiting will be held toward the end.