1. Pre-School Enrichment 1st & 2nd Grade Classes

Our PreSchool Enrichment Program is designed for boys and girls ages 3-6 and is designed to help develop motor skills while introducing the game of baseball.  In a fun , safe and energetic environment, students start to learn basic body movements and hand/eye coordination.  Through our proven BASicBALL Curriculum, the basic concepts of baseball are taught along with target fundamentals being introduced.  The combination not only helps kids begin to learn the game but also develop confidence as they move forward with the game.

PEP as a Camp:
PEP camps work off of the same ideal as above except in a camp setting.  Typically PEP camps are offered at the end of the summer and over school breaks.  Follow the website for more information as camp dates open. 

2. 1st and 2nd Grade Classes

1st and 2nd Grade Classes:Built along the same lines as the PEP, 1st and 2nd grade classes are the next step and more advanced version of BASicBALL.  Designed for any skill level, the classes not only help in learning necessary skills but also help in enhancing the developmental process for those more advanced in their baseball knowledge.  Through drills and games students not only improve on skills but begin to get comfortable in a more baseball oriented setting

3. Camps, Clinics, Individual and Small Group Lessons

Camps and Clinics:
Clinics range in size and age and work off of the BASicBALL Curriculum depending on age and skill level.  In a camp setting, athletes are split into groups where phases of the game are outlined and instructed.  Individual attention can be paid to athletes during such time giving participants not only a broad base of baseball fundamentals but individual target information that can help each improve their game. 

Individual & Small Group Lessons:
With our wide range of instructors of former college players, professional players, college coaches and scouts, advanced skill needs can be met, worked on or fine tuned.  Individual Lessons provide a more one-on-one setting where students get full attention provided  to their individual needs and wants in regards to baseball development.